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Love Witch Travel Tin / Mini Spell Kit

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This is the perfect mini witch kit for the wanderlust witch. It includes everything you need to cast spells on the go, set up a travel altar, burn loose incense, scry, and create a beautiful crystal grid. This wonderful mini witch kit comes in a discreet black tin (perfect for travel or anyone in the broom closet). It measures 3.5" long by 2.25" wide by 0.75" tall. These pocket altars are extremely versatile and make wonderful gifts. The lid of the tin is completely removable and has a crystal grid on its underside. The outside of the tin itself is shiny and black, making it the perfect impromptu scrying mirror. Each pocket altar comes with a round black tin filled with loose herbs. The tin can be used to burn incense on the go.

This tin includes:

-2 mini spell candles

-5 mini crystals for love (crystals vary depending on availability)

-Bay leaf and feather for smudging

-Celtic Knot Charm

-Love Incense Blend

-Moon Matches

-Crystal Grid on the inside lid